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The Davus sp. Panama, commonly known as the Lava Tarantula, stands out as a captivating dwarf tarantula species, revered for its rarity and popularity among enthusiasts. Displaying vibrant colors reminiscent of molten lava, it adds a striking touch to any collection. With a modest adult size of approximately 4 inches, it is an ideal choice for those seeking a compact and manageable setup. The Davus sp. Panama, formerly recognized as T. sp. Panama or Lava Tarantula, unveils its exotic beauty, originating from the lush landscapes of Central America.

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Upon delivery, these spiders are in the early stages of development, having undergone 1-2 moults and measuring 1-2cm in size. This phase provides a unique opportunity for spider enthusiasts to witness and nurture their growth into magnificent adults.

Experience Level: Intermediate

Additional Information: This fast-growing dwarf species, though generally considered docile, may exhibit shyness and skittish behavior. The Davus spp. coloration, remaining a rare gem within the hobby. Being terrestrial, they may burrow if provided the opportunity. While typically not aggressive, they display a degree of nervousness, making handling not advisable.

Habitat and Behavior: , as a terrestrial species, may display burrowing tendencies, emphasizing the importance of providing a suitable substrate for this natural behavior. A mix of moderate to high humidity and temperatures is recommended to recreate their native Central American habitat.

Care Recommendations: Maintaining a moderate to high humidity level, coupled with moderate temperatures, forms the foundation of successful care for the Davus spp. Enthusiasts should ensure a well-ventilated enclosure with sufficient substrate for burrowing. While this species is known for its nervous disposition, creating a secure and quiet environment can help minimize stress.

Unique Characteristics: Renowned for its striking red and black coloration, the Davus spp. remains a sought-after species in the tarantula hobby. As a fast-growing dwarf tarantula, it promises a dynamic and engaging experience for intermediate-level enthusiasts looking to observe the intriguing transformations from the early developmental stages to adulthood.

Cautionary Note: Due to their nervous disposition, handling is not recommended, ensuring the well-being of both the tarantula and the keeper. Observing and appreciating their behaviors from a distance is the ideal approach for those fascinated by the captivating nature of the Tarantula.

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Davus pentaloris, Davus ruficeps 3/4", Davus sp kolumbia, Davus sp oaxaca, Davus sp panama (lava spider)