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**Summary: Iracema Cabocla – The Brazilian Redhead Tarantula**

The Iracema Cabocla, a rare tarantula originating from the Amazonic rainforests of Brazil, is distinctive in the hobby for its vivid orange carapace and sleek black abdomen and legs. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts, this medium-fast growing species reaches a size of 4-5 inches and boasts a life expectancy of 12-15 years for females and 3-5 years for males.

Housing this tarantula requires a terrestrial setup with a hide or burrow and elevated humidity to replicate its natural habitat. Despite initial skittishness in juveniles, the Iracema Cabocla matures into a docile creature that rarely exhibits threat poses or hair-kicking behavior. Notably, it tends to create intricate tunnel systems if provided with sufficient substrate depth.

Adapted to the natural cycles of the Amazonic rainforest, where dry and rainy periods occur, this tarantula demonstrates hardiness and resilience. Its captivating appearance and intriguing behaviors make it a sought-after addition to collections. Whether you’re seeking a visually striking tarantula or a unique species for your collection, the Iracema Cabocla promises a rewarding and fascinating experience in tarantula keeping.

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**Species Profile: Bumba Cabocla – The Brazilian Redhead Tarantula**

1. Iracema cabocla Pérez-Miles, 2000
2. Iracema cabocla Bertani & Carla-da-Silva, 2003
3. Iracema cabocla Schmidt, 2003
4. Maraca cabocla Pérez-Miles, 2005
5. Bumba cabocla Pérez-Miles, Bonaldo & Miglio, 2014

**Name Meaning:**
The name “cabocla” originates from the Portuguese feminine word, referring to the women of the Amazonic forests.

**Natural History:**
– Origin: Amazonic Brazil
– Terrestrial: Well-adapted to terrestrial environments
– Size: 4-5 inches
– Growth Rate: Medium-fast
– Natural Habitat: Thrives in the Amazonic rainforests

**Housing Needs:**
– Habitat: Terrestrial setup with a hide or burrow
– Humidity: Requires higher humidity; maintain a damp area in its habitat
– Temperament: Generally docile, with a gentle disposition

This species stands out with a vibrant orange carapace and shiny black abdomen and legs. As juveniles, they may display skittish behavior, but as they grow, they become more comfortable and often stay out in the open.

– Skittish as youngsters, but become more confident with age
– No threat pose or tendency to kick hairs
– Tends to dig if provided with sufficient substrate depth
– Adapted to a natural cycle of dry and rainy periods in its habitat

**Life Expectancy:**
– Females: 12-15 years
– Males: 3-5 years

**Recommended Experience Level:**
Beginner-friendly: This species is suitable for enthusiasts with varying levels of experience in tarantula keeping.

**About the Species:**
The Iracema Cabocla, also known as the “Brazilian Redhead,” is a rare and captivating addition to the tarantula hobby. Its distinct coloration, featuring a deep red carapace and long, elegant legs, sets it apart from more common species. Despite its initial skittishness as a youngster, this tarantula matures into a docile creature that seldom exhibits threatening behavior.

When encountering this unique species, formerly known as the Maraca cabocla, or the “Brazilian Redhead,” many enthusiasts are drawn to its striking appearance and intriguing habits. Known for creating complex tunnel systems, this tarantula showcases its adaptability by thriving in varied substrate conditions. While some keepers report preferences for moisture, others find their specimens indifferent, suggesting a natural ability to endure both dry and rainy periods, mirroring their native habitat.

For those seeking a rare and visually striking tarantula that evolves into a gentle companion over time, the Iracema Cabocla is an excellent choice. Whether you are a seasoned keeper or a beginner looking to add something unique to your collection, this species promises a rewarding experience in tarantula husbandry.

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Bumba horrida 

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