22 August, 2015 00:37

We are all set up for tomorrow WCRE expo! Besure to stop By for some amazing specials on avicularia versicolor, many brachpemla and much more! We also have a free craft center set up for the children!

Red Deer expo

We are leaving Tueaday the 18th to head out to the WCRE. We will be close till the 28th for shipping and some pick ups. Feeders will still be available for pick up Tuesday’s as usually. Please have your order in by Monday’s. We are taking pre orders for the Red Deer expo to ensure we pack what you are …

Updating Website

We are in the process of making the website more user friendly on mobile devices.

Tarantulas and Spiders: follow us on out Inside Toronto Blog April 2014

Click link for more Blogs   poisonous spiders from the infamous black widow to the nasty Sydney funnelweb Black widow Stock image The bite from a black widow spider causes intense pain through the whole body as the venom attacks the nervous system. i With the exception of the family Uloboridae that lacks venom glands, all spiders are technically venomous …