Treehouse Switch 2.0- Small 4x4x6 KIT


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The Tarantula Cribs Treehouse Switch is for those who want it all. (INCLUDES CANOPY TOP /BACKGROUND AND SWITCH 2.0


This acrylic enclosure features a top opening lid and a front opening sliding door.  A Tarantula Cribs exclusive removable background comes with every enclosure.  The removable background allows your tarantula to feel comfortable while hiding in darkness, yet allows the hobbyist to view the tarantula at will. Dual opening lids allow top and front access for easier rehousings and feedings.  We optimized cross ventilation with both ventilation holes near the bottom and top of the enclosure.


The Switch 2.0 is an upgrade from the original switch enclosure. Both the acrylic and magnets are upgraded. This upgrade allows us to mix and match a variety of lids.


All the small switch 2.0 will come with the standard acrylic lid even if you chose another option. For example, if your order Small Switch with Canopy lid you will recieve the standard acrylic lid plus the canopy top. 


Compatible Lids: 

  • Canopy Lid (only available with 1.2mm vent hole size)
  • Mesh Lid
  • Standard lid (available in 1.2mm or 2mm venthole size)


Dimensions: 4″x4″x6

Ventilation: 1.2 mm or 2mm.

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