Phidippus regius Jumping Spider Pair


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Phidippus regius, also known as the regal jumper, is a type of jumping spider found in eastern North America. Their distinctive markings can identify these spiders, with males being black with white spots and stripes, while females vary in color from white to orange and also have similar markings. The spiders are relatively large, with adult males measuring between 6 to 18 mm in body length, while females can grow up to 22 mm.

Phidippus regius spiders are not known to be medically significant .  They commonly found these spiders areas like fields and light woodland, and they prefer trees or walls of buildings to hunt. They build nests at night using silk, often in palm fronds or similar areas. Females lay their eggs under the bark of trees or in secluded areas of wooden structures like barns.

Phidippus regius spiders are found throughout the southeastern United States, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Greater Antilles, and have also been introduced to Easter Island. In the United States, they are most abundant in Florida and occur throughout the Southeast from South Mississippi through North Carolina and South Carolina.

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Pair, with 2 canopy top or flat top enclosure