Chilobrachys Genus


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Chilobrachys, a genus of Asian tarantulas, was initially characterized by Ferdinand Anton Franz Karsch in 1892. These arachnids inhabit regions across India, Myanmar, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, generally displaying a medium to large size. Notably, they possess the ability to stridulate through small spines located on their chelicerae.

Distinctive characteristics for identification include specialized stridulating organs in the chelicerae composed of short spines. Male Chilobrachys individuals feature a palpal bulb concluding with a long, slender blade-like spine, while females possess a singular pair of spermatheca. The anterior eyes align almost linearly, and their legs exhibit a narrower scapulae at the metatarsus’s tip.

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Chilobrachys fimbriatus, Chilobrachys huahini, Chilobrachys sp Kaeng krachan, Chilobrachys sp Kontum (vietnam), Chilobrachys sp Mekong, Chilobrachys south thailand blue 1/2", Chilobrachys sp Tropical blue, Chilobrachys sp. Electric blue