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It’s time to break out those label makers and bid a fond farewell to your “Avicularia versicolor.” Once boasting 47 species and two subspecies, the Avicularia genus has been in dire need of a revision. Since 2011, Fukushima initially published her incomplete thesis on the genus, and enthusiasts have eagerly awaited changes. Speculations arose in 2013 that the revision might introduce up to four new genera, creating anticipation among hobbyists.
**New Genera for Six Species:**
Among the significant revelations was the establishment of THREE new genera: Antillena, Caribena, and Ybyrapora. This meant several species previously identified as Avicularia would now find a home in brand new genera.

– Avicularia Rickwesti is now Antillena Rickwesti.
– Avicularia laeta is now Caribena laeta.
– Avicularia Versicolor is now Caribena versicolor.
– Avicularia gamba is now Ybyrapora gamba.
– Avicularia diversipes is now Ybyrapora diversipes.
– Avicularia sooretama is now Ybryapora sooretama.

For those who owned these species, it’s time to relabel (while getting accustomed to some new genus names). These names are final and won’t revert in the future.

*Fun note:* Antillena rickwesti now joins Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens as a monotypic genus (at least for now).

**Identified Avicularia Species:**
From an initial count of 47 species and two subspecies, the fully described and accepted species have been reduced to only 12. The “bonafide” Avicularia species listed in this paper are as follows:

– Avicularia avicularia
– Avicularia glauca
– Avicularia variegata
– Avicularia minatrix
– Avicularia tsunami
– Avicularia juruensis
– Avicularia rufa
– Avicularia purpurea
– Avicularia hirschii
– Avicularia merianae
– Avicularia lynnae
– Avicularia caei

*What about species not on this list?* A considerable number of species, once labelled as avics, need to be present. They either moved to other genera or, in most cases, are now designated as nomen dubium (Latin for “doubtful name”).

*Does this mean your A. metallica has no name?* Not exactly. Nomen dubium implies the name is in doubt, awaiting further research. Keep your nomen dubium species labelled as they are until more research is done, and the names may be revised.

One species is labelled nomen nudum (not described enough for a scientific name), and five species form new combinations with different genera.

*Nomen nudum species:*
– Avicularia vestiaria — nomen nudum

*Comb. n. (new combinations):*
– Iridopelma leporina – Mygale leporina to Iridopelma for a new combination (also nomen dubium)
– Iridopelma plantaris – Mygale plantaris to Iridopelma for a new combination (also nomen dubium)
– Euathlus affinis – Avicularia affinis transferred to Euathlus for a new combination.
– Grammostola subvulpina – Avicularia subvulpina moved to Grammostola for a new combination.
– Thrixopelma aymara – Eurypelma aymara moved to Thrixopelma for a new combination.

*Nomen dubium species:*
– Ischnocolus hirsutum
– Avicularia metallica
– Ischnocolus gracilis
– Avicularia arabica
– Avicularia aurantiaca
– Araneus hirtipes
– Avicularia testacea
– Avicularia detrita
– Avicularia hirsutissima
– Avicularia holmbergi
– Ischnocolus doleschalli
– Avicularia pax
– Avicularia ochracea
– Avicularia walckenaerii
– Avicularia azuraklaasi
– Avicularia braunshauseni
– Avicularia geroldi
– Avicularia huriana
– Avicularia ulrichea
– Avicularia soratae
– Avicularia fasciculata
– Avicularia surinamensis

Despite the numerous nomen dubium species, the revisions bring excitement, with enthusiasts already enjoying names like Caribena versicolor. A. diversipes, once thought to belong to a different genus, finally receives a proper name. Yet, with the remaining nomen dubium species, more work is ahead before the genus is entirely sorted out. Given the lengthy process of this revision, further changes may take some time.

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